Goran Ivanisevic

ladbrokestennisGoran Ivanisevic is a former professional tennis player from Croatia. While he was never able to become ranked as the best tennis player in the world during his playing career, Goran Ivanisevic is still one of the best players of his generation. He was an accomplished singles and doubles player that was able to win just under $20 million during his 16 year career.

Goran Ivanisevic officially became a professional tennis player in 1988 at the age of 17. Ivanisevic started his professional career playing doubles tournaments with Rudiger Hass, and they were actually able to win one a tournament during Ivanisevic’s rookie season in professional tennis. This would be one of nine career doubles titles that Goran would win in his great career, but he would ultimately spend most of his time focusing on his singles career.

Once Goran Ivanisevic began to spend most of his time playing singles tennis, it did not take long for everyone to know that he was going to be a special player. Ivanisevic was able to qualify for his first Grand Slam tournament at the 1989 Australian Open after playing professional tennis for less than one year. He would eventually win four matches in his first Grand Slam tournament on the way to making it to the quarterfinals before he was knocked out by Miloslav Mecir.

ivanic 1Highly ranked tennis players are supposed to get an easy draw in the first few rounds of Grand Slam tournaments, but that did not happen for Boris Becker at the 1990 French Open. Becker was the 2nd ranked player in the world at the time, but he would lose his opening round match to Ivanisevic. Goran Ivanisevic would eventually advance to the quarterfinal round in the tournament, and he would finish second in the doubles tournament the same year with Petr Korda. Goran would advance to the semifinal round of Wimbledon a few months later only to be knocked out of the tournament by Becker.

Goran's Wimbledon Title 2001Goran’s 2001 Wimbledon Title

220px-Ivanisevic_Ancic_Queens_Club_2004Goran Ivanišević and Mario Ančić playing doubles at the 2004 Queen’s Club Championships

While Ivanisevic would have immediate success at the biggest tennis tournaments in the world early in his career, it would not be until 1992 before he would play for a Grand Slam title. Ivanisevic would go on to defeat Pete Sampras and Ivan Lendl on his way to face Andre Agassi in the 1992 Wimbledon finals. Agassi would ultimately win the final match in five sets for his first Grand Slam title.

The best year in Ivanisevic’s career was probably 1994. He was able to have his career best finishes at the Australian Open and French Open. He was also able to make it to the Wimbledon finals before losing to Pete Sampras. This great play allowed Ivanisevic to become the 2nd ranked player for the first time in his career. He would lose to Sampras in the finals of Wimbledon again in 1998.

Ivanisevic would continue to play well after losing to Sampras in 1998, but his age would diminish his skills and cause him to enter the 2001 season as the 125th ranked player. He would still decide to enter Wimbledon with a wildcard entry. He would eventually shock the world to take home the 2001 Wimbledon title for his first and only Grand Slam title. This was also the last of 22 titles in Ivanisevic’s career. He would continue to play until he was forced to retire in 2004.

While Ivanisevic was forced to retire for professional tennis, he still competes with some of the sport’s all-time greats on the Champions Tour. Most of Goran’s time after retirement has been spent developing his investments. He continues to spend time looking for real estate and construction investments in his native Croatia today.

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