What is a Tennis Umpire Chair Good For?

There are two types of umpires in tennis: the line umpire and the chair umpire. The line umpire is responsible for calling the lines allocated in a match, while the chair umpire is responsible for calling the scores of the match to the players and audience and making sure that the rules of the sport are upheld. They are the final authority when it comes to decisions of the match.

The actual chair of a tennis chair umpire plays an important role. It is placed at the center of the court, behind a net post, with the line benches on either side of it. The chair itself is quite tall so that the umpire can actually watch over the match and make sure that nothing untoward is taking place. These chairs also come with a number of accessories that help in the comfort of the umpire and in the running of the match.

Best Tennis Umpire Chairs

Let’s jump right into some of our top picks of tennis umpire chairs, their features, and why they made it to our list.

Court Equipment PVC Umpire Chair with Cushion

This multipurpose chair comes with a lot of different features. It is ideal for the tennis court but can also be used on golf tees and as lifeguards’ chairs in pool areas or beaches. It is exceedingly comfortable and quite stylish as well.

Constructed with white PVC pipes for the frame and green cushions for the seat and backrest, it is perfect for games. It can also be easily transported from one place to another because it has wheels on the bottom.

It is delivered fully assembled in one carton, and it even comes with a canopy, though it needs to be bought separately.


Vermont Traditional Tennis Umpires Chair

This traditionally designed umpire’s chair is a great choice for tennis matches and tournaments. With superior wooden construction, this chair is high in quality and extremely durable.

It is six feet four inches in length, with the seat having a height of five feet. This gives the umpire a clear view of the game.

The chair can further be used on both indoor and outdoor courts. It also has an anti-slip rubber tread on the steps so that the umpire has an excellent grip and won’t slip while climbing onto the chair.

A unique feature of this chair is that it has a foldaway design, meaning it can be fully folded and stored when it is not in use. This also makes it easily portable, as it can be transported to different places in the trunk of a car.

This unit needs to be assembled and includes all the necessary steel fixings, such as screws and bolts required for assembly.


Vermont Aluminium Tennis Umpires Chair

This chair is built according to the International Tennis Federation (ITF) official match regulations, which makes it perfect for all kinds of tennis matches and tournaments.

Manufactured with high-quality aluminum, this umpire chair is exceptionally durable. So, there is no need to worry over how long it will last, and you can be sure that it will perform well for years to come. Plus, it is great for all types of surfaces, including different indoor and outdoor courts.

Being seven feet tall, this model is taller than a traditional chair. This gives umpires an incredible vantage point, as they can view the game with full clarity.

Lastly, this chair boasts a cushioned HDPE tip-up seat and a pivot tray, and its special Wimbledon Green powder coating makes it both rust and corrosion-resistant.


Douglas Classic Umpire Chair (Black)

This chair is quite in demand because of its durable construction and comfortable seating.

It is made out of steel and is powder-coated for increased longevity and durability. It is custom fabricated and is quite heavy-duty, which means it will last for quite some time.

Furthermore, this unit is padded and extremely comfortable to sit on. It can be easily stored as well, as the cushions are removable and can be kept separate when the chair isn’t in use.

It is suitable for use on different kinds of surfaces and courts and can also be used both outdoors and indoors. Moreover, it can be easily moved from one place to another, as it has wheels that do not scuff the surface of the court and ensure easy mobility and transport.


Putterman Deluxe Umpire Chair (Green)

This chair is perfect for use in different kinds of tennis courts, as it is high enough for umpires to be safe, enabling them to easily observe the game and make line calls. Other than that, it can even be used as a lifeguard chair for the pool area and beaches.

This chair’s UV-resistant body-contoured seat ensures optimum comfort, making it perfect for long periods of sitting. The paint of this chair is also quite durable, as it won’t fade or chip away quickly.

Its ladder is wide and anti-slip, plus it contains a middle plate that gives the chair additional support and durability. This makes the chair extremely stable and safe to use in different scenarios. Lastly, the chair is umbrella adaptable as well.


Tennis Umpire Chair Features

Now let’s talk about some of the features of umpire chairs. Without these features, your umpire chair won’t serve its purpose.


Umpire chairs are usually six feet in height, two feet wide, and have an overall depth of four feet. The seat of the chair is usually around five feet tall.

These are the standard measurements of an umpire chair. But chairs that are bigger in size are also available, with some models even going up to seven feet.

A point to note is that all the chairs for an umpire are tall because they need to be able to see everything happening without any interruptions. This gives them a great vantage point for observing both the players or teams in a match and keeps them safe from accidentally being hit by the ball during a serve.


These chairs are made out of plastic, metal, or treated wood. They are quite durable and are built to withstand different kinds of weather conditions, as they are also rust and corrosion-proof.

They usually come with rubber treads on the steps so that the umpire doesn’t slip while climbing up to the seat. At times, even the legs of the chair are anti-slip, so there is zero chance of any sort of issue occurring during the match if the empire becomes a bit enthusiastic.

Foldable or Not

They come in both foldable and non-foldable varieties. But in most cases, it is easier to have a foldable chair, as it can be easily stored when not in use.

This feature also increases the mobility of your chair, which means that the chair can be moved quite easily from one spot to another. This is great if you want to take your chair around to different games and matches, as you can just pop it in your trunk for transport.


Most umpire chairs also come with a bunch of accessories, such as wheels, armrests, holders, armrests, canopies, etc.
Wheels are important for these chairs, as they make them easy to move around. These wheels also do not leave scuff marks on the surface of the courts, which is always a plus.

Then we have umbrellas. There are special umbrellas that can actually be fitted onto the back of a chair with the help of clamps. This way, even during a long match on a hot day, the umpire can remain cool in the shade and keep an eye on the match without losing any concentration.

Armrests are great, as when you are an umpire in a tennis game, you have to sit and observe for quite a while. Thus, having a spot that is comfortable to sit in, with a backrest and armrests, is the ultimate comfort. Plus, armrests can be padded as well, which makes the chair even better.

Tennis Umpire Chair

Writing boards come in handy when the umpire needs to write down the scores for each player or team, as they are the ones responsible for the final outcomes. And what’s the use of a writing board when you don’t have a surface to balance it on when you write? This is why a lot of chairs also come with desk attachments that can be fixed into one side of the chair. This way, the umpire has a comfortable place to balance the board and write on it.

And of course, there are also microphone holders that hold the microphones used for making important announcements during the match by the umpire.

But all of these accessories are not always available by default with the chairs. You may need to buy them separately.


The seat of an umpire chair is padded, and the cushions are usually quite comfortable, along with the backrest. Depending on the type of chair, they can be removable, allowing you to store them separately from the chair.

There are even padded seats available nowadays, with attached cushions for the seat and backrest. This takes comfort to another level.


Umpire chairs play an important role in the actual job of a chair umpire, but they have other uses as well, especially in games or sports where a good amount of observation is needed.

Remember, these chairs need to be comfortable so that even if a match goes on for a while, the umpire won’t feel uncomfortable or achy after sitting in it for so long. Also, they need to be tall so that the umpire is safe from being hit by the actual ball while also having a good vantage point for observing the game.